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Dual Survival Cord Lanyard Keyring | Fishing Line | Fire Tinder

Dual Survival Cord Lanyard Keyring | Fishing Line | Fire Tinder

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A hand made by us Dual Survival Cord Lanyard using 2 different colours of survival cord.

The survival cord used to make these Survival Cord Lanyards contains

  • 9 lines of polyester thread
  • 1 line of pe fishing line
  • red core of a waterproof fire tinder for starting fires in an emergency.

The total length quantity of cord in each lanyard will be approximately 3 meters. 

You could use this to build your own EDC key chain / lanyard, attach it to your pack, or wear it around your neck as a necklace, ready to go when you need it the most. If you added a good ferro rod to this and a small key chain torch you could build a great EDC emergency kit. These Survival Cord Lanyards also make a great addition to any Grab Bag, Survival Kit or Disaster Preparedness Kit. 


Note: we can make these Survival Cord Lanyards to any length you may want, just send us an email if needed.

Also note the manufacturer has included an internal metal wire in this survival cord lanyard designed for trap / snare making but on testing we found it to be substandard for its designed use. While it could probably be used for some purposes, we could not recommend it for snare / trap making and as such have not included it in the main description.



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