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LERT INFO - New Zealand's Most Advanced Alerting Service

LERT INFO - New Zealand's Most Advanced Alerting Service


What or Who is Lert Info?

Situated in London Street Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand, is the home of Lert Info Limited. With a mission statement of becoming New Zealand's most comprehensive emergency alerting service, this team of dedicated and experienced individuals work around the clock to ensure the New Zealanders are provided with a an emergency alert warning system that is unmatched in this country, possibly even the rest of the world. As it stands Lert Info is the only dedicated text and email service that covers everything that one would need to know in New Zealand. Check out their YouTube Video here to find out who the team is and what they do.


What sort of Alert Service do they provide?

It would likely be easier to list the things that Lert Info does not provide an alert service for that the ones that they do. You can check out the alerts page for the mover comprehensive list by clicking on the following link. They offer and alert service for the following categories,


PUBLIC ALERTS - When we hear of them, we tell you immediately. ( from Boil-Water Notices and Major Fires to Mobile Outages and Product Recalls)


ROAD ALERTS - When something impacts State Highway travel, we advise you: ( From flooding and Road Closures to Slips and Washouts)


CIVDEF ALERTS - When there is an event, we have hundreds of feeds so we can forward new information in real time. Our unique ring fencing ability, means we send only the appropriate alerts for your area. ( Civil Defence warnings from Earthquakes to Tsunamis and more)


WEATHER ALERTS - When at risk from the following we alert you: - (from Heavy Rain and Floods to Weather Watches and Weather Warnings)


RURAL ALERTS - New Zealand relies on agriculture. Any threat can spread quickly, so we send alerts and monitor until the threat has passed: (From Animal Alerts to Quarantine Orders)


COSTAL ALERTS - Most of us live close to a coast line. Lert will provide you with the information you need to protect your family. (From Algal Blooms Through to Swells and Tsunamis)



Where do they get their information from and why couldn't I do this myself


Lert Info sources their information direct from over 200 different sources such as government departments, the NZTA, AA, Civile Defence and the Police, as well as media outlets and the Lert Community itself. During the recent bush fire in the South Island town of Christchurch they were able to test an idea on geolocation base on first hand eye witnesses to the fire and their phone based compasses, which saw them able to locate the actual fire within a very close margin. Locals impacted by the event were also able to provide real time updates and photos / videos of events as they unfolded far quicker than the Media Outlets seemed to be getting it online. By joining up with Lert Info, you too could become a part of this community and the information you provide back could assist with helping others and saving lives. This is huge amount of information to process and far more than the average person could do on their own.

How much does the Service Cost and why is it not free?

As it stands the cost for a monthly subscription to Lert Info costs $3 per month. It takes only a couple of minutes to sign up and you are ready to go. This is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month and could potentially save your life or the ones you love. This cost is for the text base service, and 99.5% of texts are received by the end user immediately. Providing the service itself comes with costs in terms of time, wages and dedication but as a business Lert Info will be paying for each alert they send out also. They are a business so they will not be able to be using free texts like many of us enjoy on our phone plans. 

If $3 is out of your budget for the moment they offer a free email based alerting system which you can sign up for just as easily. It works very well and was one of the first things I signed up for when returning to NZ. Of course with email there will be limitations, it is not as fast as a push text alert and people will often take time to read their emails, whereas they will often read a text much quicker. Either way there are options for both sides of the spectrum there and you could start with email and upgrade at a later point or the other way around. If you find it is not for you then you can terminate your subscription by letting them know or doing it online.

Where do I find out more?


Wanting to know more, then click on this link to be taken to their website and see much more information on what it is they do, and how they do it.


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