Survival Kits, Grab Bags and Emergency Preparedness Gear Designed for New Zealand Conditions. Home of the 20 Year Shelf-Life Emergency Food Survival Rations

Born out of experience, the team at Next72Hours supplies Survival Kits , Grab Bags, Emergency Supplies and Emergency Food products that have been tried and tested so you can be confident when the worst happens, you will be in good hands.

Why Next72Hours?

72 Hours is the the minimum recommended time you need to be able to look after yourself in the event of a major disaster or emergency.

Next72Hours is a local provider of Survival Kits, Grab Bags, Emergency Preparedness Gear and Emergency Survival Foods.

Our kits are designed to meet and exceed Civil Defence Requirements. Based out of Christchurch, these kits are produced by Kiwis, and designed for New Zealand conditions.

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