Survival Kits Designed for New Zealand Conditions and Built to exceed Civil Defense Requirements.  


What sort of container or bag should I choose?

We know that putting together a survival or disaster kit can be both complicated and confusing, and with so many options available on the market it can be hard to know and decide what to put in your kits. We also have a blog post you can visit to look at some key points when selecting a storage container for your Survival Kit or Grab Bag. 

We here at next72hours have done the hard work for you and have tested numerous options to come up with our 72hour premade disaster preparedness kits and bags.
We also realize that many other people may already have some of the supplies needed in a kit and so we offer most of the items found in out kits as individual items also.

What if I have the items and just need a Survival Dry Bag?

For those just wanting the bags on their own, we have both the sign written bags and the plain red bags with no signage on them. These bags are ipx6 waterproof rated and offer good protection from the elements. You can check out the blog page for further information on the IPX ratings and what they mean.