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New Zealand's premier 20 Year Shelf-Life Emergency Food, Survival Ration Bars.


As the sole importer and distributor of BDH High Energy Emergency Food Ration Bars, we take great pride in offering their top-selling flavours: chocolate and peanut. Each bar is meticulously crafted to provide a whopping 570kcals per bag, consisting of two individually wrapped bars inside a vacuum-sealed protective outer bag. Notably, these bars are both VEGAN and HALAL certified, ensuring inclusivity and meeting diverse dietary preferences.

What sets these apart from other Emergency Food Rations and Supplies?

What sets these survival rations apart is their remarkable shelf life of up to 20 years from the production date. Versatile and reliable, they are essential for disaster preparedness, survival kits, marine emergency kits, outdoor adventures, and more. With BDH bars, you're not just prepared for emergencies; you're equipped with sustenance that endures the test of time.

Join us at Next72hours in prioritizing readiness and sustainability. Stock up on BDH High Energy Emergency Food Ration Bars and be prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.


These Emergency Food and Survival Rations are very light weight, at 120 Grams Per pack making them the ultimate choice for adding to your emergency kit, survival kit or disaster preparedness kit.

Important information:

Allergens: wheat - the producer of these survival rations reports no real peanut content in these survival rations - and advertises these as peanut free, using only peanut flavourings.

These survival rations have FDA approval and are marketed in the USA and Canada as being peanut allergen free.


We have submitted these survival rations for New Zealand laboratory testing and the results can be found along with the product pictures. The results of the laboratory testing indicate that at the lowest detectable level of 0.25 ppm no allergens were detected. These have a strong peanut aroma and persons with a severe or life-threatening peanut allergy should avoid consuming this product. 

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