ACME 636 Slimline Tornado Whistles

The best Survival Whistle on the New Zealand market - ACME 636 SLIMLINE

What is a Survival Whistle?

What is a Survival Whistle? In a world which is saturated with high tech technology the humble whistle is one of the most compact signalling devices on the market, specifically designed to transmit a high pitched distress signal in life and death situations. The best survival whistles are more than often pea-less in design and they produce a loud, ear piercing distinct sound that can be heard over a long distance. The sound of a whistle stands out from other noises in the environment and can help attract attention in an emergency situation or critical situations. Compared to other items a Survival Whistle is one of the cheapest survival products you can add to a survival or emergency kit.

 Survival Whistles are far more effective than human voice, in particular in loud conditions and over long distances. They are particularly good for use for people who partake in outdoor activities, sports events or who live in areas susceptible to natural disasters. Over the years, their use a survival tool have been proven and they have saved many a life.



Why Survival Whistles and What does a Survival Whistle do?


As noted the Survival Whistle is designed to draw attention or signal for help. But why, you may ask do you need one? The answer is in the distance that the distress signal can travel. On average a human scream can be heard at approximately 180m distance. This of course is under ideal conditions, and depending a persons energy levels, potential injuries and environmental conditions the distance could be a lot less. It also takes a lot more energy to scream for longer periods of time, than it does to blow a whistle.

A good Survival Whistle will allow you to call for help or draw attention over a much longer distance. In fact a good survival whistle will be able to be heard at over 1.5kms under ideal conditions. As noted above this will be dependant on the conditions at the time, but either way it shows why emergency whistles a so critical as emergency signalling devices and are essential as part of your emergency preparedness.

If you are looking for a Survival Whistle to add to add to your Emergency Preparedness Kit, Survival Kit or Disaster Kit, then it is essential that you make sure you choose one that is right for your needs. There are a lot of Survival Whistles on the market, and it can be tempting to save a little money here and there, but this is one situation where you should not try to save money. Some whistles on the market are poorly made, which means they can be unreliable and in an emergency situation this could be the difference between life and death. It is for this reason we have chosen to stock and use ACME Whistles for our survival kits. With over 150 Years of experience behind them, they make some of the best whistles in the world. We stock them in three brightly colored options, Neon Yellow, Blaze Orange and Neon Green.


Why a Survival Whistle is a must in your Survival Kit?

Sound and Audibility: Whistles produce a loud and distinct sound that can be heard much farther than shouting. This is crucial in wilderness or emergency situations where visibility might be limited.

Efficiency: In a survival situation, conservation of energy is essential. Blowing a whistle uses a lot less energy than yelling out for help, its piercing sound being much easier to hear also.

Long range communication: Whistle signals can trave a very long range penetrating through the bush, over raging waters and across rugged mountain sides making it a very effective means of communication even in challenging environments. This makes them excellent signalling devices.

Attention-grabbing: Whistles produce a sound that is different from natural noises in most environments, which helps in grabbing attention quickly from potential rescuers or other people in the area. In the event of an earthquake and finding yourself buried in the rubble, this will allow you to make yourself heard over the chaos.

Reliability: Unlike electronic high tech devices that can fail due to battery issues or water damage, a simple whistle is is low tech, the ACME 636 Slim Line for example will last a very long time and put up with a lot of wear. Below is a Photo of my own whistle on my daily carry which I have had almost ten years.


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