ACME 636 Slimline Tornado Emergency Whistles

What is an Emergency Whistle?

An Emergency Whistle is a signaling device designed to bring attention to someone who is in distress and needing assistance.

Why do I need an Emergency Whistle in my survival kit?

An Emergency Whistle is a small, light weight device designed to give you the best chance at survival during an emergency situation. They produce a very loud, shrill sound and can be heard over very long distances when compared to a scream or yelling. 

S.O.L.A.S Emergency Whistles are designed to work in all conditions and the ACME Slimline Tornado 636 Emergency Whistle is one of the best survival whistles on the market.

What makes the ACME Slimline 636 Tornado so good?

Slimline, small, flat, loud, and high pitched. The ACME Slimline Tornado 636 Whistle packs a huge punch. It is made especially for outdoor, mountaineering and survival kits. The ACME Slimline Tornado 636 Emergency Whistle is official approved, and unaffected by water. Approved for life jacket, immersion suits, life raft and rescue craft S.O.L.A.S (Safety of Life At Sea) regulations and produces a very high frequency.

Why should I choose this brand over the other cheaper alternatives?

Acme Emergency Whistles have been made in the United Kingdom now for 150+ years so you can be assured that you are getting exceptional quality. Being one of the most important and useful items in a survival kit, you want to ensure your are getting the best quality Whistle you can, and these whistles fit that bill. Here at Next72Hours we offer the ACME whistles at the best price on the New Zealand Market. 


  • Material: composition housing
  • Power: 117 decibels.
  • Dimensions: l 51 x w 19 x t 9.5 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 grams
  • Origin: uk