What is the purpose of a survival kit? NZ Survival Kits

What is the purpose of a survival kit? NZ Survival Kits

What is the purpose of a Survival Kit?




In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, it is important to have the right supplies on hand. Emergency prepared kits or disaster kits can help people survive after a disaster occurs. The first 72 hours after an emergency are incredibly important, during this time disaster management teams and emergency responders will be dealing with the most critical situations, that is if they can even access the area. As such people need to be able to be self reliant for at least 72 hours, more if they can. Emergency Preparedness is everyone's responsibility and being prepared with a good Survival kit can make all the difference.

Deal with a variety of different disasters.

With New Zealand situated where it is on the ring of fire, we face a multitude of different risks. The right emergency kit helps people deal with a wide range of disasters: from storms and wild fires to pandemics and earthquakes. This ensures that people can prepare themselves at work, school or while on the move. Hours. In the event of a Major Disaster, Emergency Management help may not be able to help you right away, this. Help may not be ready right away, which is why New Zealand Government and National Emergency Management Agency recommends that Survival Kits should include items that allow you to deal with basic first aid, food and water needs for at least there days, or 72 Hours.

Include all the Important Items

Emergency kits include basic emergency items to ensure people can deal with illness and injury. These kits have emergency water, breathing protection devices, emergency lights and tools as well as survival food and first aid supplies. There are also trauma first aid supplies, warmth tools, survival communications and emergency sanitation and hygiene materials.

Incredibly Long Shelf Life

Your Survival Kit should be able to used at a moments notice, and as such the equipment you add to the kits, should be the best quality you can afford. Perishable food should be avoided, the food you keep in your kit should have a long a shelf life as possible. The Emergency Food we stock at Next72Hours has a shelf-life of 20 Years from Date of Production and is a an exceptional addition to your emergency supply kit or Survival Kits. All of the items we include in our kits have been tried and tested to ensure they are suitable and will work when they are needed.

Specific Types of Emergency Kits

When putting together a Survival Kit, it is important to consider where and for what you might have to use it. Disaster Preparedness is essential no matter where you are, and so you should consider having a number of different kits. You could have a main Survival Kit at home, and then have a smaller one for your Car and a different one, perhaps a smaller grab bag for your workplace. Schools and workplaces also need to consider how they will help prepare for themselves, their staff and their students. Having the right Emergency Food rations, torches, water containers, first aid kit, and disaster supplies can help keep you safe and make it through a disaster.

Easy to Transport and Waterproof

When preparing a Survival Kit, it is essential to make sure it is both easy to transport and has some form of waterproofing. We supply IPX6 Waterproof Survival Bags, which ensure your valuable items are protected from the elements. They also have straps which means your Survival Kit can be used as a backpack, thus keeping your arms free to do what they need to do. In case you must evacuate, having a Survival Kit that is in a backpack form makes it quick to evacuate in a hurry.

Provides Peace of Mind

By investing in a preparedness kit, or survival kit, you can be sure that your have all the essential supplies to make it through the most important first three days of any disaster. People can be sure that they have necessary supplies to get through until the emergency response teams can assist. After a disaster, drinking water can become scarce, medical providers will be overwhelmed, and supermarkets will quickly empty. Having the right Survival Kit supplies helps gives you and your loved ones the best chance to survive until help can arrive.

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