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Waterproof Dry Bag | IPX6 | Survival Kit | Grab Bag | With Printing 25 Litres

Waterproof Dry Bag | IPX6 | Survival Kit | Grab Bag | With Printing 25 Litres

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Waterproof IPX6 Survival Kit 25L Dry Bag - Printed 

Why do I need a dry bag for my survival kit?

If you are looking to put together your own Disaster Preparedness Kit Bag / Survival Kit or Grab Bag, then we have a great Waterproof Dry Bag (empty) here for you to start building your own with. Having some form of weatherproof option when building your survival kit is essential. You want to ensure your valuable items and important documents as protected from the elements so they are good to go when needed.

What size should my survival kit be?

At 25 litres these Waterproof Dry Bag represent the mid-point of sizes available on the market and a great starting point. They will allow you to stock all the essential items as well some personal items, such as spare clothing, medications, and documents.

25 Litres is a great size kit for a single person, much smaller and you would possibly struggle to include any extras that one might need, and too much bigger you run the risk of adding too much and making the kit so heavy you are less likely to keep with you. We cover more about this in our blog post on selecting a suitable storage container for a survival kit here. 

What makes these bags unique?

This Waterproof Dry Bag has a nice big grab handle on the top so if the need arises you can simply grab it and get out to a place of safety. They also have removeableL straps so it can be worn as a backpack as well, should you need to walk a distance with it, keeping your arms free. 

These Waterproof Dry Bags are IPX6 rated and will stand up to being carried while in the rain and elements. While they are IPX6 rated they should not be submerged under the water. You can check out the information on IPX6 ratings by clicking on the following link - water resistance: ip ratings explained - consumer nz

Note: These Waterproof Dry Bags come pre-printed with the words Waterproof and Survival Kit on them, if you don't want yours with printing then check out our other listing for unprinted bags.


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