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3M Ear Plugs | 5 Sets | Essential Survival Kit Addition

3M Ear Plugs | 5 Sets | Essential Survival Kit Addition

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3M Ear Plugs - The perfect addition for your Survival Kit and Grab Bag needs.

Why 3M?

Recognized for their reliability within the health and safety sector, 3M is renowned for producing top-tier safety equipment. In acknowledgment of the tumultuous environments often encountered during disaster response scenarios, we have included five sets of 3M ear plugs, individually sealed in neon yellow packaging, renowned for their efficacy in noise reduction.

Why do I need Earplugs in my Survival Kit?

Amidst the upheaval of community accommodations or disaster shelters, obtaining restorative sleep can prove to be an arduous task amidst the cacophony of activity. The inclusion of these 3M ear plugs aims to mitigate this challenge by significantly diminishing background noise, thereby facilitating a more restful sleep during critical periods.

As some of the best ear plugs available in New Zealand, these products are instrumental in fostering a conducive environment for sleep, a necessity during times of heightened urgency. The provision of five sets ensures an ample and sustained supply, indispensable during prolonged emergency situations where resources may be constrained.

In essence, the utilization of these ear plugs underscores their pivotal role in augmenting emergency preparedness and response protocols, elevating standards of safety and well-being within disaster-affected communities. Ear plugs are an essential addition to any Survival Kit, Grab Bag or Disaster Preparedness kit. They will help ensure a better nights sleep when it is most important. 



Noise reduction rating: 33db (usa)
sound level conversion: 23db, class 4 (australia and new zealand)


The soft, smooth, tapered shape make the earsoft yellow neons the industry‘s most comfortable earplug. It’s an even more comfortable feeling when you know they’re fitting correctly. With its proven design features an improved formula for increased softness, all-day comfort, and a secure fit in a wide range of ear canals. Cheaper no name alternatives can contain paraffins and other nastiness. Earsoft are dermatologically safe foam that is non-irritating to the skin.


  • Soft, low-pressure solution
  • Neon colour for easy sighting

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