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AM FM Emergency Pocket Radio | AAA Battery

AM FM Emergency Pocket Radio | AAA Battery

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 Portable Emergency Radio designed for use in Survival Kits and Grab Bags

What is the use of a Radio in a Survival Kit? 

During a disaster or emergency situation, one of the most reliable sources of emergency information and updates is going to be via the AM/FM Radio. Local councils and governments have a understanding to provide this information, and while initially power may be cut, work to restore broadcasting via radio will be a priority. 

What is the best type of radio for survival?

When it comes to an emergency AM/FM radio we would always recommend going with a battery powered radio over a solar or hand cranked radio. This is because many of the radios on the market that are hand cranked or solar have very poor battery life. They also require the use of energy in many cases to crank the battery, and often for very little reward. With a battery powered radio you get a lot more play time for your money and AAA or AA batteries can often be scavenged from things like TV remotes Air Con remotes. 

Why have we chosen a dry batter Radio (AAA Battery)?

As noted above we have gone with a dry battery (AAA battery) AM FM emergency pocket radio because the batteries are easy to stockpile, they are economical and in the event of a large-scale disaster, it may be near impossible to charge up a set of batteries. 

Many day-to-day home products use AAA batteries also so one may be able to scavenge batteries should the need arise to power this also, from such things as tv and air conditioning remote controls.  

How do I know what frequency to set my radio too?

Check out this link to the Civil Defence page which notes the Radio Stations you should listen to in the event of an emergency. You can navigate to your specific area to find out even more. 


  • Designed to be light weight (68 grams)
  • Compact, (100mm*60mm* 16mm)
  •  Great volume
  • Excellent run time
  • Headphone Jack 

This AM/FM Radio makes the perfect addition to your Emergency Survival Kit, Grab Bag or Disaster Preparedness Kit. 


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