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Energizer Pro 200 Headlamps IPX4 Rated | 4 Pack

Energizer Pro 200 Headlamps IPX4 Rated | 4 Pack

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Energizer Pro 200 Headlamps | 1PX4 Rating | 4 Pack Perfect for a Family Survival Kit

Why is a flashlight important in a survival kit?

A flashlight or torch is an essential addition to your Survival Kit needs when the power goes out during a disaster. It allows you to navigate in the dark to find your way to safety. You can also use it to signal for help if you are lost of need assistance. In the case of Next72Hours, we recommend a Headlamp / Headlight style torch, as it allows you to keep your hands free to move around and deal with any other issues that may arise.

Why a headlamp / headlight over a handheld torch?

When disaster strikes good lighting is very important and especially if essential services have gone down and there is no power. We would recommend a headlamp over a torch in a disaster situation as it allows one to keep both their arms free for any other tasks at hand and the light follows where you are looking. Experts also recommend a battery powered LED light over a wind-up torch as they are far more reliable.

Why Energizer Headlamps?

These Energizer Pro 200 Headlamps are IPX4 rated and are from a well known and well-respected brand. They have a very respectable run time of 7 hours on high (200 lumens) and 20 hours on low (45 lumens). This four pack represents the best value for money on the New Zealand Market, and come with quality batteries included. 

Again, these are dry battery Energizer Pro 200 Headlamps running on 3* AAA batteries (included) which can be easily stockpiled and have a long shelf life. In the case of a major disaster many household items also have AAA batteries and you can take them and use for your headlamps also if needed.

Tell me more about the headlamps?

  • 4-pack of energizer pro 200 headlamps with 12 energizer max AAA batteries included
  • Hands free operation and extended run time makes this an ideal battery powered headlamp for a variety of activities
  • Pivoting light makes this a great reading headlamp, led work light or camping headlamp
  • Hands free light features two modes to control brightness and run time
  • Wearable light pivots to direct beam where you need it
  • Powerful white LEDs are four times brighter than standard led technology to provide good, all-round coverage

Run time

  • 20 hours on low (45 lumens)
  • 7 hours on high (200 lumens)

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