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Personal Safety Alarms | Seven Colours | New Zealand

Personal Safety Alarms | Seven Colours | New Zealand

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Non-Violent Personal Safety Alarms - Designed to protect the ones you love.

About our Personal Safety Alarms

We have scoured manufacturers to find some of the best Personal Safety Alarms available and these ones come in 7 beautiful eye-catching colours. 

What is a Personal Safety Alarm?

These Personal Safety Alarms are perfect for those who are looking for a way to feel safer while walking alone at night. The 130db alarm is extremely loud, so it is sure to grab the attention of anyone nearby. The pull-out ring makes it easy to pull out and use quickly if needed. The attractive, bright colours make it easy to see, and the stylish design is perfect for anyone who wants to feel safe while walking alone. The strobe light adds an extra element of safety, and the modern design makes it stylish as well as functional.

Personal Safety Alarms are a great way to feel more confident and keep yourself safe. They are small devices that are easy to carry and can be used as a last resort when you feel unsafe. They sound like a siren and are very loud, which is why they can help scare off an attacker or make people aware of your situation so they can help.


Attach this Personal Safety Alarm with strobe light to your keys or bag via the included clip. Pull out the emergency ring and your device will sound a loud 130dB alarm & the light will strobe. You can use the personal safety alarm in many situations where someone may need to signal for help – for example,

Signalling for help and/or scaring off an attacker with the loud and intimidating high pitched alarm sound and flashlight,

Letting someone know your whereabouts in the event of a natural disaster.

Why do I need a personal safety alarm?

Personal Safety Alarms are a great way to attract attention when in a dangerous situation. When activated, they create a loud siren alarm that can be heard up to 100 meters away. This serves two purposes: it alerts people nearby that you may be in danger, and it provides an opportunity to get away if you can. Walking at night is dangerous. You can’t see what’s around you, and you’re more likely to be targeted by criminals. 

The device emits an ear piercing 130db sound that’s impossible to ignore. This can alert those nearby that you are in danger and need help. Using one of these alarms can greatly increase your chances of being found and rescued if you are lost or injured.

They’re also great for jogging or walking alone at night. By pulling out the ring, the sound will scare off would-be attackers and draw attention to your position.

An ear piercingly loud 130db self-defence personal alarm that is perfectly sized to be carried on a key chain / pack / bag / handbag / EDC carry or a disaster kit.

This self-defence personal alarm can be used to alert people to a situation where you may be in distress and could also make a great device to alert people to your location when you are trapped / hurt after a disaster. Like a whistle this sound will carry far further than you are able to scream.


  • These Personal Safety Alarms are powered by 2* AAA batteries (included) and weigh in at only 70grams each.
  • The Personal Safety Alarm comes packages in a small box which measures 96mm*30mm*38mm and the alarms themselves measure 86mm*30mm*20mm.
  • very loud alarm 130db - similar to a jet plane flying over your head
  • personal key chain attachment

More about these alarms

From a personal protection point of view having a personal safety alarm will assist in bringing public attention to any situation in which you feel unsafe. To activate your personal safety alarm simply pull back on the keyring pin and the alarm will begin to sound and the LED light will flash. The LED Light is designed to also gain the attention of anyone who may be able to see it, and can also be used to light your surroundings, such as finding the keyhole in the door. Its like having your own personal security alarm on your keyring.

To turn the alarm off you simply push the pin back in, the design of these alarms means that the pin does not remove from the alarm completely and so you won’t end up losing it.

From a disaster point of view this alarm rates up there in decibels with the ACME Slimline Tornado 636 Whistles we sell and will sound for up to 6 hours. In you found yourself buried in rubble or out in the bush waiting on rescue, this alarm could be used to signal rescuers, saving your energy, and travelling further than the human voice is capable of scream.

These personal safety alarms are also great to keep on your children’s bags, on your loved one's key ring or on your own key ring. For those who walk or run alone at night these are a great addition to your kit

We have decided to go with AAA Powered Alarms because they provide a longer running time as opposed to many of the usb rechargeable options.


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