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Survival Cord Lanyard

Survival Cord Lanyard

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A survival cord lanyard made using survival cord. This survival cord lanyard contains the usual 7 internal strands of triple braided cord but also three other special additions including.

  • Pe fishing line
  • A strand of cotton threat (for sewing or repairing clothing)
  • 1 red core of a waterproof fire tinder for starting fires in an emergency.

You could use this survival cord lanyard to build your own EDC key chain / lanyard, attach it to your pack, or wear it around your neck as a necklace, ready to go when you need it the most. If you added a good ferro a good whistle and a small key chain torch you could build a great EDC emergency kit. A great item to add to your Survival Kit, Disaster Kit or Grab Bag.

Note: the total length of the survival cord lanyard when rolled out is 150cm long (59 inches).


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