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Essential Emergency Supplies for Your Workplace | Workplace Grab Bag

Essential Emergency Supplies for Your Workplace

Why do I need a Work Grab Bag?

Emergencies can strike at any moment, even while you're at work. While your employer should have a workplace emergency plan in place, it's also crucial for individuals to be prepared. Keeping a basic emergency grab bag or grab n go bags at your workplace can make all the difference during unexpected situations. Here are some essential supplies to consider:

Water and Snack Food Rations

Staying hydrated and nourished is vital during emergencies. While you don't need a full three days supply of food and water in your work place grab bags, it is important to have something prepared in case of an emergency. Keep a supply of bottled water and non-perishable snack food rations like muesli bars or nuts to sustain you until help arrives. If you have any specific food needs or special dietary requirements, make sure you plan for those also in case you have a long walk home.


Walking Shoes, Warm Clothes, Raincoat, and Hat

You never know when you might need to evacuate or venture outside during bad weather. Having comfortable walking shoes, warm clothing, a raincoat, and a hat can keep you protected and comfortable in various conditions. You may also end up having to walk home over a long distance, and so walking shoes are an important part of your emergency supplies.



In times of crisis, electronic banking services may become unavailable. Having a small amount of cash on hand can help you purchase essential items or services if needed.


Hand Sanitiser, Small First Aid Kit, Prescription Medicine

Maintaining personal hygiene and addressing minor injuries promptly can prevent further complications during emergencies. Keep hand sanitiser, a small first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic wipes, and any necessary prescription medications in your emergency kit.


Chargers for Your Phone and Other Devices

Your phone may be your lifeline during emergencies for communication and accessing important information. Ensure you have a phone charger for your phone and a charger for any other devices you rely on to stay connected. If your phone has replaceable batteries then ensure you keep spare batteries with you also.


By having these basic supplies readily available at your workplace, either under your desk or in your locker, you can be better prepared to handle unexpected situations with confidence and resilience. Remember, being proactive about emergency preparedness can make a significant difference in ensuring your safety and well-being when it matters most. Stay safe, stay prepared!

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