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Basic First Aid Kit | New Zealand Made |

Basic First Aid Kit | New Zealand Made |

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We have chosen to support a local first aid provider who has put these basic first aid kits together for the basic first aid needs one might expect in a disaster situation.

Like our hygiene kits these basic first aid kits come in a 1 litre food and water safe resealable bag. This kit is designed to deal with the basic needs of someone in an emergency / disaster event, or any minor injuries sustained while evacuating etc. 

In a disaster situation you can further use this bag as a water storage option and can add one of the water purification tablets to purify some emergency drinking water if needed. 

The silver backing of the package could also be used to signal for help if held up in the sunlight as it is very reflective.


  • Quantity triangle bandage 1
  • Crepe bandage 5cm 1
  • Paper tape 12.5mm 1
  • First aid tips 1
  • Scissors medium rescue shear 1
  • First aid economy tweezer 1
  • Antiseptic wipes 2
  • Cpr face shield 1
  • Examination gloves 1
  • Eye pad single 1
  • Gauze swabs 2's sterile 1
  • Non-adherent dressings 7.5x5cm 1
  • Non-adherent dressings 7.5x10cm 1
  • Wound dressing medium 1
  • Fabric plasters assorted 4
  • Fabric standard plasters 8
  • Ampule saline 1
  • Medium island dressing plaster 1
  • Small island dressing plaster 2
  • Survival / rescue blanket 1

Note: we are happy to seal the basic first aid kit if you want and or vac pac them also. If left unsealed it allows you to add any specific medication that may be prescribed to you or your family. 


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