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Emergency Food Survival Rations | Chocolate Flavour | 20 Year Shelf-Life | 12 Pack

Emergency Food Survival Rations | Chocolate Flavour | 20 Year Shelf-Life | 12 Pack

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Emergency Food Survival Rations - 20 Year Shelf Life - 12 Pack

What are BDH Emergency Food Survival Rations?

BDH is the Brand Name of an Emergency Food Supply producer, and is named after the province in which they are situated. They have been producing long life emergency meals, and Emergency Food rations now for over 60 Years. They produce long life food supplies, long shelf life food supplies and emergency survival food for natural disaster response and supply them around the world, providing emergency food supplies to disaster stricken areas as well as to military and civilian groups. These Emergency Food supplies are designed to have a long shelf life, 20 Years from production in fact, no need to add water, just open them and eat them as is. Perfect for your emergency preparedness and survival food storage. These Emergency food ration bars are shelf stable and great for long term prepping.

What should I have in my emergency food supply?

Civil defence, Emergency Management New Zealand and leading emergency preparedness experts recommend that your emergency food supply be easy to prepare, have a long shelf life, and to stay away from perishable food. During Natural Disasters it is highly likely that access to fresh clean water will be reduced, if not completely cut off to begin with, and so your food stash needs to be one that can be prepared without a need for excess water supplies. At a bare minimum you need to have a three day supply of emergency food, for all members of your household, including children and pets. Canned foods, canned goods, and long life foods are a great addition to your supplies and perfect for addition to your Survival Kit. Stay away from items stored in glass jars as these can easily break in the event of an earthquake. Having a varied and tested food supply will offer you great peace of mind during an emergency. Ensure you stock foods you will enjoy, the middle of a disaster is not an ideal time to discover you don't like something, or can't eat it. Our BDH High Energy Emergency Food Survival Rations come in two delicious flavours, they are mildly sweet, and will appeal to a broad range of people.

What do I get with this purchase?

Each Box contains 12 bags of our BDH High Energy Emergency Food Survival Rations. Each bag weighs 120 Grams, they are light weight, compact and last a long time. Each bag contains 570 Calories, and a whole box contains 6840 Calories. These are seriously high energy foods, with a great taste. With a 20 Year Shelf life, these Emergency Food Survival Rations are some of the longest lasting supplies on the New Zealand market. They make the perfect addition to your survival kit, emergency food kit, or emergency ration pack. If you are looking for a larger supply, our Bulk 108 bag packs offer more than a one month emergency food supply.

Is survival food worth it and what sets your product apart?

Having a survival food supply during a Natural Disaster or emergency event is a very worthwhile investment. While they can seem expensive they offer many great advantages, including a long shelf life, being shelf stable, peace of mind, and long term food security. It is perfect for addition to your home disaster kit, survival food kits, and in the event of a power outage, these are ready to go with no preparation needed. They offer advantages over freeze dried meals and canned foods, in that you do not need to add water or prepare anything. Civil Defence recommends the addition of such foods to your emergency preparedness kits also. The do not require refrigeration, and are perfect for long term food storage. They are shelf stable foods, that will not go off, and will keep for as long time.

What do they taste like, how easy is it to look after them and are they only for emergencies?

Ready to eat after opening, no need to add water, these Emergency Food Survival Rations are designed to be non thirst invoking, and thus kinder on your drinking water supplies. This Chocolate flavoured emergency food pack, has a chocolate taste, they are slightly crunchy and flaky and resemble a nice short bread or butter cookie. They use all natural ingredients and no preservatives. The Chocolate flavour from the inclusion of Cocoa Powder.

With their compact size, high energy content and delicious flavour profiles, these Emergency Food Rations are just as at home in your emergency food kits as they are in your pack whole out camping, tramping, trail running, or hunting in the ranges. They are perfect for disaster relief during and after a wildfire, earthquakes, storms or when communities become cut off from services.

Product Details:

  •  Chocolate flavoured biscuits. No nuts. Contains cocoa powder. These bars are slightly crunchy, they are soft on your teeth. They taste like butter cookies or sugar cookies. The chocolate flavour from the natural cocoa powder is not overpowering. All natural ingredients. No preservatives.
  •  MRE emergency food supply can help you in many situations - camping, hiking, backpacking, cross country, trail running, and any other outdoor adventure. Or in cases of disaster, such as wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, and road interruption. Having a supply of these bars on hand will help lessen the stress caused by the event itself.
  •  Ingredients: WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 60%, edible glucose, water, vegetable oil (palm), sugar (glucose syrup), salt, cocoa powder, rising agent (sodium carbonate)., ALLERGENS: WHEAT

Note: These BDH High Energy Emergency Food Survival Rations in peanut and chocolate are VEGAN CERTIFIED, HALAL CERTIFIED and FDA approved.

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Andrew Fleming
My thoughts

Customer service was 2nd to none A+++

The High Energy Bars are yum 👍🏻

I will be a regular customer


Nathan Polglaze

Emergency Food Survival Rations | Chocolate Flavour | 20 Year Shelf-Life | 12 Pack

Food Rations

These are the best long shelf life rations on the market.

They have a subtle cocco flavour.

They are also compact and come in sturdy packaging.

I have mine stored in a grab bag and at work.