Disaster and Survival First Aid Supplies and Emergency Hygiene Kits.

What are the 5 main aims of a First Aid ?

The main aims of first aid include, saving life, preventing injuries from getting any worse, aiding in a quicker recovery, relieving pain and protecting those who are unconscious Primarily, the main aim is to save lives. While a first aid kit is essential to a survival kit, training is equally as important. Help yourself help others and make sure you have proper First Aid training so you can assist those you love, or sae yourself in a disaster.

Why do we need first aid kit in survival kit?

A disaster can result in a lot of injuries, to yourself or to those around you, including family, co-workers, and neighbours. In a major disaster, Emergency Services will be stretched to the limit, and they may even be cut off from you. Having a first aid kit in your survival kit, will allow you or those around you to provide the basics needed to help care for the injured persons until further assistance can arrive. It will also allow you to treat basic injuries yourself, reducing the need for hospital visits, as hospitals will likely become over run in a disaster. 

Tell us about your first aid kit?

Introducing our meticulously crafted first aid and emergency hygiene kits, proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand. At Next72Hours, we're dedicated to supporting local businesses while ensuring individuals have access to essential resources in times of need. Our first aid kits are thoughtfully assembled to provide the necessary tools for addressing minor injuries promptly. By investing in our basic first aid kit, you not only equip yourself with vital supplies but also alleviate pressure on emergency services, allowing them to focus on critical interventions.

Why do we need a hygiene kit in an emergency?

During disasters, the disruption of infrastructure, scarcity of clean water, and overcrowding of temporary shelters create an environment conducive to the spread of diseases. It is crucial to prioritize hygiene practices to prevent outbreaks and protect vulnerable populations, especially children, elderly individuals, and those with compromised immune systems. Including hygiene items in your emergency kit can help ensure you stay healthy and protected during challenging situations.

That is why it is so important to have access to proper hygiene options during a disaster. The next72hours emergency disaster hygiene kit provides you with the most comprehensive kit of the market, in a food and water safe bag that could be used for water purification should it be needed. 

Join us in promoting resilience within our communities while championing the excellence of New Zealand craftsmanship. Discover the difference with Next72Hours.