Water Purification Systems and Products designed for Survival Kits, Disaster preparedness and Emergency Response


Why is water storage and purification so essential?

Water is one of the three crucial elements to live, along side food and oxygen. In a Natural Disaster or incident, access to water can be cut off, and water supplies can become unsafe. That is why proper water storage and the ability to purify water becomes so important. 

We are researching options to provide you with the best possible emergency water storage options available on the market in new Zealand. In a disaster or emergency, fresh drinkable water is one of the most important things to consider. 

We have sourced some great water storage bags, that can keep water usable for up to 12 months and are easy to store and carry when filled up.

What is Puribag?

We have also sourced a supply of the PURIBAG water purification system which is renowned worldwide for its ability to clean and purify event the dirtiest water out there and is used around the world in disaster hit areas as well as in aid situations. The puribag is a marvel of invention and combined with the P&G water purification and flocculation power, and makes an incredible addition to your Survival Kit, Grab Bags, Emergency Kits and disaster prepping needs.