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5 litre Water Storage Container - Clear - emergency water purification (4 pack)

5 litre Water Storage Container - Clear - emergency water purification (4 pack)

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5 litre Emergency Water Storage Containers, designed for use in Survival Kits, Grab Bags and Emergency Preparedness. (4 pack)

Why do we need to store water?

In a disaster of emergency situation, essential utilities such as power and water supply can be cut off leaving you without access to drinking water. While emergency management teams will be working on this as a priority, this can take time and as such having an emergency water supply and store water is vitally important. Water shortages after a Disaster are a very common issue, as well as broken pipes and the ensuing water restrictions. You will need to ensure you have water supplies for three days at a bare minimum. During the initial response phase it could be as many as three days before local councils and emergency services can get help to you.

How to store water for an emergency?

There are multiple options when it comes to storing water, from a specific food grade emergency water tank, through to commercially bottled water and tap water, and everything in between. The most important thing, is that you have some plan in place to access clean water in the event of a disaster. You hot water cylinder and header tank is a safe source of water as is your toilet cistern, as long as there are no chemicals used in top of the cistern. Water should be stored in a dark area and rotated at least once a year if not using commercially bottled water. If you are using tap water, then you can look at used soft drink bottles as a possible options to store emergency water. You will need to make sure they are clean and add unscented household bleach to the bottle to ensure it is safe to drink. You can also collect rain water, but make sure you don't use rain water if the roof is affected by ash fall or lots of smoke as this will make it undrinkable If you are not sure about the quality then always boil water before consuming

How much water should I store for emergency?

Civil Defence, city council and Emergency Management New Zealand, recommend at a bare minimum 3 Litres of water per person, per day which will provide water supplies for both Drinking, Food Prep and Hygiene needs. You need to ensure you have least three days worth of water. You can find water storage tanks online as well as at local hardware stores. 3 Litres of water is the bare minimum per person per day and if you are able, aim for a weeks work for all members of your household. Don't forget your pets and children also.

How long can I store water for an emergency?

Commercially bottled water will come with with an expiry date, or best before date on it and so you can refer to the bottle for that. If you are using tap water or soft drink bottles then this should be changed out once a year. Ensure you review your Emergency Water at least once a year, rotate it out and make sure it is good to go when you need it.

What do I get with this purchase?

These food grade Emergency Water storage containers are the perfect addition to your Survival Kit NZ needs. They hold 5 Litres each, and two of them will suffice for one persons needs in a disaster. They can be filled from your hot water tank and header at the time of a disaster or from the toilet cistern, or they can be prefilled and stored away in a dark place, for when they are needed. This sale is for 4 of the Emergency Water Storage containers. 


* Lightweight and easy to carry

* Soft and flexible to be folded or rolled when empty

* Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

* Great for storing various fruit and vegetable juices


* Condition: brand new

*Material: pet+pe+pa – 440 microns

* Colour: clear

* Capacity: 5l

* Size: approx. 33cm x 30cm x 0.2mm

* Package dimension: approx. 350mm x 320mm x 80mm

* Weight: approx. 68g

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