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Emergency Food Survival Rations | Sample Pack | Chocolate and Peanut

Emergency Food Survival Rations | Sample Pack | Chocolate and Peanut

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New Zealand Emergency Food Survival Rations - 20 Year Shelf-Life long life Emergency Food Supply - Sample Pack

What are BDH Emergency Food Survival Rations?

BDH is the brand name of a Survival Food Producer, named after the province that they are produced in. They have been making Emergency Food Rations and MRE's for over 60 Years now, supplying to the military and the public, as well as providing disaster relief to disaster stricken nations around the world. These rations are designed to be long lasting, 20 Years in fact from the date of production, nice tasting and non thirst invoking. They are the ultimate addition to and survival kit, disaster or emergency kit or for every day preparedness. Not only this, but they are suitable light weight, high energy meals, that can be used during any sort of outdoor activity, such as hunting, climbing, tramping and the list goes on. 

What do I get with this purchase?

If you are interested in trying these 20 Year Shelf-Life Emergency Food Survival Rations but not wanting a whole box or carton then we have put together this sampler pack which includes 2 of each of our 20 Year Shelf-Life Emergency Food Survival Rations (2 Chocolate and 2 Peanut).

Ready to eat after opening. Non-thirst provoking. Small and easy to carry even in your pocket. Not easily damaged in harsh environments. These Emergency Food Survival Rations are ready to restore your energy. Eat one bar every 3-6 hours per person.

These bars are slightly crunchy, they are soft on your teeth. They taste like butter cookies or sugar cookies. The peanut flavour from the flavouring essence is not overpowering. All natural ingredients. No preservatives.

These Emergency Food Survival Rations can help you in many situations - camping, hiking, backpacking, cross country, trail running, and any other outdoor adventure. Or in cases of disaster, such as wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, and road interruption. Having a supply of these bars on hand will help lessen the stress caused by the event itself.


Peanut 20 Year shelf-life Emergency Food Survival Rations ingredients: WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 60%, vegetable oil, edible glucose, water, vegetable oil (palm), sugar (glucose syrup), salt, rising agent (sodium carbonate), peanut flavouring extracts. ALLERGENS: WHEAT

Chocolate 20 Year shelf-life Emergency Food Survival Rations: WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 60%, edible glucose, water, vegetable oil (palm), sugar (glucose syrup), salt, cocoa powder, rising agent (sodium carbonate)., ALLERGENS: WHEAT

Note: these BDH High Energy 20 Year shelf-life survival rations in peanut and chocolate are VEGAN CERTIFIED, HALAL CERTIFIED and FDA approved.

Allergens: WHEAT- the producer of these Emergency Food Survival Rations reports no real peanut content in these survival rations - and advertises these as peanut free, using only peanut flavourings.

These survival rations have FDA approval and are marketed in the USA and Canada as being peanut allergen free.

We have submitted these Emergency Food Survival Rations for New Zealand laboratory testing and the results can be found along with the product pictures. The results of the laboratory testing indicate that at the lowest detectable level of 0.25 ppm no allergens were detected. These have a strong peanut aroma and persons with a severe or life-threatening peanut allergy should avoid consuming this product. 


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Gwen Grobler

Nice taste! Tea and a biscuit 🍪 I’ll definitely order more.