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Mylar Emergency Thermal Blanket | 1 Pack

Mylar Emergency Thermal Blanket | 1 Pack

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What is an emergency blanket used for?


An essential part of any Survival Kit / Emergency Kit or First Aid Kit, the mylar emergency thermal blankets otherwise known as space blankets are an absolute must. Unlike a lot of other items, mylar emergency thermal blankets do not have an expiry date so will be ready to go should the need arise. 

In case of an emergency, the mylar emergency thermal blankets are used to prevent/counter hypothermia. Their compact size before unfurling and light weight makes them ideal when space is at a premium. They may be included in first aid kits and in camping equipment. Their design reduces the heat loss in a person’s body which would otherwise occur due to exposure to the elements.

They are useful to help prevent a person (or animal) from going into shock and for reducing heat loss caused by water evaporation, convection, or thermal radiation. 

Do Emergency Blankets keep you warm?

Emergency blankets are essential items to include in a survival kit for disaster preparedness and first aid kits. With their impressive 90% heat reflective properties, these blankets can help individuals stay warm and protected in various situations, making them invaluable tools for survival in emergencies. Whether it's for a sporting event, winter vehicle breakdown, or unexpected night in the backcountry, having emergency blankets in your survival kit can potentially save lives by preventing hypothermia and providing crucial warmth.

What do I get with this?

This price is for one Mylar Emergency Thermal Blanket - you can check out our other page here for our 5 Pack which offers great value for money.

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